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NEW Book Release June 24, 2015!

Medium9: The Powers of Spiritual Energy is finally born. After conducting new research with word class physical mediums, this journey inspired me to share the remarkable powers of physical mediumship.  Fascinating information emerged in my investigations of energy healing and past life regression therapy.  During this research journey, I could not ignore the emergence of knowledge about extraterrestrial races and their influence on spirit communication and healing. Join me in discovering knowledge as Medium9 explores the following areas:

  • Experience the power of spiritual energy as ordinary people are reunited with loved ones who materialize and return from the spirit world to communicate during physical mediumship séances.
  • Learn about the extraordinary benefits each of us can achieve during out-of-body experiences and astral travel.
  • Gain insight into the secrets of energy healing with authentic healers who manipulate energy to produce healing beyond the capabilities of traditional medicine.
  • Examine how ordinary people learn about their past lives, and subsequently change behaviours and transform their lives through hypnosis.
  • Gain insight into how extraterrestrial races facilitate instrumental transcommunication, energy healing and mediumship.

When you enlighten yourself with this important knowledge, you can make stunning transformations in your life.



Table of Contents







Chapter 1 All in the Name of Science? They Said Planes Would Never Fly

Science Rationalized the Sterilization of Human Beings

Consciousness Phenomena on the Frontier of a New Science

Science is Baffled by Energy Healing

The New Science is Underground




Chapter 2 Full Body Materialization What exactly is Physical Mediumship Phenomena?

Early Research Experiments

Full Body Materializations in Red Light

The Helen Duncan Tragedy

Developing into a Materialization Medium

Sarasota Center of Light

Pre-Séance Preparations

Learning About the Afterlife from William

Demonstrating the Transformations of Ectoplasm

Experiencing Reunions at a Séance

  • A Father in Spirit Urges His Ailing Wife Not to be Afraid
  • A Recent Passing
  • Reuniting with Ma and Pa
  • A Visitor during Surgery
  • Aunt Mai Reunites a Mother and her Child

Summary of Validations

Corroborating the Validity of Physical Mediumship

Innovation in Measurement



Chapter 3 Partial Body Materialization in the 21st Century? The Making of a Physical Medium

The Dark Room

Potential Risks

Felix Circle: Developing Energy in a Free Environment

  • First modus operandi:  Felix Circle
  • Second modus operandi:  Healing
  • Third modus operandi:  Cabinet and Materialization sessions

The Great Hans Bender

Journey to the Séance Room with Kai Mügge


I Know What I Saw!

Rival Theories



Chapter 4 What Do the Dead Tell Us? Suicide Mystery

Saved By a Prediction

This is Just a Hot or Cold Reading

No One Claimed the Million-Dollar Prize Yet?

The Cross-Correspondences

Using the Power of  Spiritual Energy



Chapter 5 Nightly Experiences Outside of the Body What? You Say You Leave Your Body?

The Truth About Who We Are

Discovering the Truth about the Flying Dreams

Sleep Paralysis

Case Studies of Out of Body Experiences

The Pilot Who Would Not Fly

Healing Depression in the Astral World


Harnessing the Power of the OBE

  • OBE strategies at the Preparation Phase
  • OBE strategies at the Vibrational Phase
  • OBE strategies at the Separation Phase




Chapter6 The Miracle of  Energy Healing Alternative Healing Methods

Miracle Healings at the Casa de Dom Inácio

Is this Woo Scientifically Proven?

Detecting Energy Experiment

Energy Healing and Cancer

Measuring Hand and Brain Wave Frequencies

The Psychic Surgeon

  • Back Pain Relief
  • Kidney Pain Relieved

Healing in the Séance Room

Healing in the 21st Century and Beyond



Chapter 7 Learning from Past Lives Understanding Past Life Regression Therapy

A Controversial Alternative Healing Technique

Examining the Evidence

Case Study #1:  Phobias of Drowning and Flying are relieved

Case Study # 2:  Master and Slave Simultaneously Reincarnate

Case Study # 3: Understanding Current Weakness

Case Study #4:  Overcoming the cycle of Subservience

Case Study #5:  Facing the Enemy

Some Final Thoughts about PLR

Another form of Spiritual Energy is revealed



Chapter 8 The Dawn of the Galactic Age The Dawn of the Galactic Age

A Medium’s encounter with Extraterrestrials

Energy Healing and Extraterrestrials

Experiencing ETs in the Séance Room

Unexpected Visitors in EVP and ITC

ETs emerge in Past Life Regression

Credible Witnesses Come Forward

Scientists and Astronauts’ Testimonies

Military and Government Officials Witness the Unthinkable

Former Private Agency Scientists Make a Disclosure

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Spirit and Extraterrestrials

  • Nature of the Spirit World
  • Reincarnation
  • The Astral Realm and Ascension

Converging Lines of Evidence




Chapter 9 Being Guided by Intuition The Ring and the Note

Follow Your Heart

A Wife Prevents a Fatal Ending





Chapter 10 Transforming Your Life with Spiritual Energy The Transformational Powers of Spiritual Energy

Final Thoughts



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