Welcome to the website Metaphysics Research. This site provides information about the scientific research that is being conducted to explore and assess parapsychology and metaphysical concepts. Parapsychology is a discipline that seeks to investigate the conditions and events that are experienced with senses that go beyond ‘normal’ seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that explains the fundamental nature of being. People interested in this topic have questions about the properties of “space”, “time”, “cause and effect” and have an overall interest in understanding the“ purpose for mankind’s existence.
“For centuries, scientists, philosophers, and people from all walks of life have wondered if there is life after death and whether anyone can truly predict the future. Today, in a time of great spiritual awakening, the answers to these questions hold remarkable insights into the nature of our existence and the manner in which we should all live our lives.
In the book Medium7, Canadian researcher and author Donna Smith-Moncrieffe shares insight from her journey to find truth about the nature of existence. Smith-Moncrieffe provides engaging case studies and uses rigorous scientific methods to determine the existence of an afterlife and the extent to which mediums can accurately predict the future. Through extensive interviews with ten gifted mediums and their clients, Smith-Moncrieffe reveals an in-depth look into how mediums interact with the spirit world and communicate with the deceased, how thoughts create reality, and how reincarnation impacts mankind’s existence.
She also inspires others to embark on their own personal journeys of discovery to learn more about the purpose of life and become more confident about the final destination.
Medium7 shares a range of ground-breaking studies involving mediums, near death experiences, and past life regression therapy to provide knowledge, courage, and hope for anyone interested in understanding more about the true nature of our universe and mankind’s existence—now and for eternity.”

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Note: For a signed copy, please place your order with paypal below. Unfortunately, for those of you who wish to purchase a copy of the book from this website, we can only accept orders within Canada due to shipping costs.  To order worldwide, please use the links noted above. Thanks for your interest.
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Metaphysics Research would like you to share spiritual experiences that you have encountered. These can involve personal experiences, readings with a medium, out of body experiences, healing, precognition and past-life regression therapy experiences. We are all on a journey to learning more about the nature of our existence and sharing experiences can enhance our understanding.

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40 Responses to Welcome

  1. psychiatrist4u9999 says:

    I was so grateful to be able to read Medium7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions. As a psychiatrist, I have had many of my clients over the years ask me advice about their spiritual experiences. Many more clients are asking about past-life regression, out of body experiences, and psychic experiences in general. My educational background tells me to close my mind to anything that may seem irrational but after reading Medium7, I learned that mediumship, immortality of the soul and other experiences such as near death experiences for example, are based on scientific fact. I have wanted to read about the authenticity of this phenomenon and having an objective researcher study the phenomenon in a systematic way and compile all the afterlife research in one book has enhanced my understanding significantly. I really enjoyed the way difficult concepts such as metaphysics were simplified so I could better understand the science behind spirit communication.
    Most important is that I will be more informed about how to advise my clients when they have spiritual experiences. This was a great read and I will recommend it highly to other practitioners who are open to holistic ways of supporting their clients.

    I look forward to the next book!

    • medium7 says:

      This is great to hear that you enjoyed the book. I did include the experience of Dr. Brian Weiss (a psychiatrist) who was astounded by what he was learning from his patients.

      The goal of the book is go inspire, bring hope , guidance and enlightenment and it sounds like it will do that for your future patients.

    • This looks like a fascinating book! I just purchased it online and am excited about reading it. Thank you for doing this research!

      • medium7 says:

        Enjoy it Simone and let us know about your feedback. I had a quick scan of your website and your personal spiritual experiences. It is a great blessing when we begin the journey to find out who we really are. I will return to your website and watch some of the neat videos you have posted there. We enjoy hearing back from our readers so don’t hesitate to let us know if the book provided added value to you given your already knowledgeable background in the afterlife. Best, Donna

  2. medium7 says:

    Hi Cindy, thanks for your very sincere message. You are not alone in your quest to determine if there is really life after death and I do hope you will get these answers very soon.

    First let me explain that my firm, Metaphysics research is an independent research firm that assesses various afterlife phenomenon with a focus on mediumship. We are researchers and not mediums so we don’t provide readings. My best advice given your desire to “know for sure” is to read the book Medium 7 to get clarification on the afterlife evidence . In this book you will be able to read extensive case studies about some of the evidential mediums in Canada and will gain an overview of the contemporary findings of all the key afterlife literature. If you are outside of Canada, it is always best to research and only see highly recommended mediums.

    If you are located in Ontario, we will be doing future experiments in 2014 and then you will be able to participate in readings at our expense.

    Thank you ,


    • Colleen Ferguson says:


      Looking for further information on your 2014 studies, particularly with which mediums will you be working with.
      Thanks very much.

      • medium7 says:

        Hello Coleen, we will be updating the website about the new study in 2014. I will be interviewing healing practitioners and energy healers to start developing the design that will test the efficacy of various types of healing. Some of the study participants may include mediums but not all healers consider themselves to be mediums. All of this information will be posted in 2014. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Charly says:

    Hi Cindy
    As a mother, student medium, I can so feel and understand your pain. I’ve lost a child to a car accident and also desperately needed to communicate with him and I did. I took courses from the Arthur Findlay College and know firsthand how serious they are about mediumship.

    If you are interested in finding a really good medium, go to http://www.snui.org and request a reading from Andy Byng. This website is from The Arthur Finley College in the UK. Google this school so you can see that they are absolutely incredible and you will not be taken advantage of. Everything about these mediums is written in their bio, including who their teacher was (so you can even research the teacher). Or you can actually google Andy Byng he has his own website. These mediums are not expensive and they are the best in the field.
    Hope this helps…much love
    Charly (Ontario, Canada)

    • medium7 says:

      Hi Charly, that was great that you shared this information. I too have heard great things about the Arthur Findley College in the UK and have often wondered why formal institutions such as this don’t exist in Canada and the United States.

      Thanks again for sharing this.

  4. medium7 says:

    Thank you Empowerment Group for your review of Medium7 on Goodreads.com. I will post it for our readers here>

    Empowerment Group Wrote:

    This book, Medium7 is one of the best books I have read on the subject of mediumship and afterlife issues. The author does an excellent job of synthesizing the scientific studies and provides engaging and very credible case studies based on her own research.

    I have had my own spiritual experiences and after reading about the different “test” mediums and their clients in this book, I now have validation for my own experiences.

    The author is also very transparent about “who she is” and so you feel like she is taking you along with her on her journey. Given her bio she appears to be an accomplished writer and researcher yet she comes across as just another person taking you on a journey which I found very refreshing.

    I have learned so much in this book and I don’t doubt that this book will change lives for the better.

  5. L.P. says:

    Im in search for a healer quite some time. If someone can aid in my journey pls contact me on my email.

  6. medium7 says:

    Hello L.P. Perhaps stating the city you are from will help viewers provide you with someone in your area. You can also locate a spiritualist church in your area. Healing is usually a part of their weekly services. There are some mediums who solely specialize in healing.

  7. L.P. says:

    I tried to find spiritualists but there arent many in my country (netherlands) but if someone replys could u send my email? I would apreciate very much thnx

    • Jeanne V. says:

      I recommend the healer Ticia Agri, a practitioner of shamanistic healing. Ticia’s career began as assistant to Michael Lang on the original Woodstock festival in 1969. Recently, she was immortalized in the Ang Lee film “Taking Woodstock” where she was portrayed by Mamie Gummer.
      Ticia is a Certified Rolfer and a Certified NLP Practitioner.
      For the past 6-7 years she has studied and practiced shamanistic healing which is a form of spiritual healing that works on one’s karmic background [the "conditioning load"] to effect healing.
      I recommend her highly:

      • medium7 says:

        Thanks for sharing that information. This will certainly help me get started. The next phase of research is examining the evidence (through my own research) and gathering other evidence-based studies on the existence of healing powers. All relevant information in this area will be useful as I start this phase of the study, not only with mediums but others who claim to have these abilities.

        • Joan says:

          Hi Donna,

          I will have access to and direct association with some of the greatest alternative healers around the world via a non-profit organization I am very soon to be a cabinet member of. I would like to extend my personal interest in supporting your research on healers for your book when the opportunities present themselves. Please advice me of
          the appropriate e-mail address to send it to.

          • medium7 says:

            Hi Joan, thank you for sharing this great information. After coming off of a three year study with mediums, I often wondered how easy it would be to begin my search for healers to participate in my next study. Please send any further information to the following e-mail as I do plan to start the design and interviews for this study in December 2013. E-mail contact medium7research@gmail.com

  8. medium7 says:

    Here is a dialogue I had with someone (wants to be kept anonymous). He asked excellent questions and had very interesting comments about his perceptions and experiences with mediums. I thought I would share the dialogue below. The first part of each question is my brief response and then their response is provided.

    1. Finding someone for you:(Medium7 says:) As a researcher, I am trying to refrain from being a referral service for mediums. Since posting the Youtube video, I have been receiving these type of requests frequently. In my book, I discuss that there are 9 factors that contribute to the accuracy of a reading. These elements include the sitter (you), the medium and spirit and so the type of reading you get may not always be dependant on a certain medium. Unfortunately, I must continue to keep my policy of not making referrals. However, I have found the mediums named and studied in my research (published in the book) to have demonstrated evidential mediumship.

    (Anonymous responder says: )Yes, ok, I respect that… In any case, I’m not sure that one more reading would put to rest my doubts. The truth is, one of the best readings that I ever had was one in which the reader said that he couldn’t do the reading because the phone kept disconnecting in a very odd way (no static, no click, no sound, no nothing) over and over, while he was telling me things that were so innaccurate about the person I wanted to connect with… just incorrect, innacurate things and the more that he said them, the more the phone kept cutting out, until he said, about 15 minutes into the reading that he couldn’t do the reading and would refund my money (he was quite irritated with me and asked if I was using a cell phone–I wasn’t–or if I had phone problems–I never had had them before and haven’t had any since. I felt at the time that it was the person I’d lost, but because the reader was so irritated with me–illogically irritated, since I had nothing to do with it–I didn’t say anything). In any case, my take on that was that the person I was hoping to connect with was somehow disconnecting the phone–it’s exactly what he would have done in life, had the same situation taken place. That said, that’s what I believe because it’s what I want to believe. I have no evidence to support it.

    2. Things you don’t already know: Medium7 states: I would agree that past and current activities are more frequently conveyed by a medium during a reading. Although I do have many cases of mediumship where the medium provides information that the sitter and other living agents don’t know.

    (Anonymous responder says:) Why is that, do you think? My personal take is that thoughts are shared every moment of every day, whether we’re aware of it or not. I think it’s part of the human experience. If I’m waiting in line at the store and I have a random thought, how do I know if it originated with me or with the person ahead or behind me on line? When people live together, whether husband and wife, siblings, friends, roommates, whatever, it’s common to say the same thing at the same time, or to say “Yes, I was just thinking that same thing!!” but unless you voice your thoughts, there’s no way to know that you’ve shared them, and people don’t do that with strangers waiting in a line in a store (or a similar situation). So I believe that thoughts are shared on a frequent basis without people realizing that it’s happening simply because we’re humans and it’s part of the human experience. When a reader “gets” information, I don’t think that even they know or can know where it’s coming from, whether it’s the sitter, a dead person or someone in the next room. That’s why I think that most of the information is information that’s known by the sitter.

    Medium7 says : However, I have case studies, where the sitter received names of the deceased (they were sure the medium was wrong) and after checking with other family members found the medium to be correct. I also have cases of accurate prescient information although I do share findings that suggest that prescient information is not always accurately consistent.

    (Anonymous responder:) I think that we all have prescient information that comes to us, I experience it on a frequent basis, that is, knowing that an event will occur days, weeks or months before it does, or knowing that someone is sick in a particular way or having precognitive dreams or even knowing what someone is thinking in a general way because an image pops into my mind. A variety of things. But unless it’s made known to me, I never know that it’s happened because they all feel like thoughts that originate with me. (I’ve been told that I’m “psychic” but I disike the term and reject it, because it carries so much extraneous baggage in our ego-driven, medium-worshipping culture.) I think the reason that such things happen is the time-less nature of reality (there is no linear time outside of the physical) and I think that the source is whatever one calls that “place” of experience. Akasha, the Ether, Collective Consciousness. There are a lot of names for it. What I think is happening in a reading is that the reader is tapping into that source of information and passing it through his or her lens, and in so doing, it gets distorted. I think the human brain is very good at filling in the blanks so to speak, and I think that that’s why information is almost, but not quite correct. I’ve had this experience in readings myself. Most importantly, I believe that if and when a person does access information in a non physical way, it’s a statement about the nature of reality, not a statement about the person. It’s an important distinction. One is about the medium. One is about the nature of reality. I can’t emphasise this enough. People too often confuse one with the other.

    (Anonymous responder): I’ll also share with you my real concerns about the ego driven dangers in mediumship. “Speaking to the dead,” is no longer quite as fringe as it used to be. Humans love to worship, we’re worshippers by nature, we like to worship and put people up on pedastles. People worship John Edward. They want to know his kids’ names, what he eats for breakfast, his favorite sports drink, what he thinks about any number of things. (As I said, I actually think that he’s doing what he claims, or more precisely, he’s doing something, but I have a low opinion of someone who charges $750 for a reading. Don’t poor people lose loved ones too? What about them?) My feeling is that no one belongs on a pedastle, but sadly, there are people who will gladly put others up on one, and plenty of others who will allow them to. It separates us as people. When someone says, “I’m a medium” that automatically says, “I can do something that most people can’t.” The words, “I have a gift,” implies that I’m special in a way that you’re not, that I’m different and “gifted.” I don’t like things that separate people or that place one in a position above (or below) another. The false humility within the comment “we’re all psychic” is just that. False humility. (It may be true, but those who say it, say it from the pedastle.) Just thought I’d throw that in there too. Maybe you feel the same way, I don’t know.

    Medium 7 says: Most important is that I found that spirit only provides necessary information to the sitter so whether the information is known to the sitter or not is really less of a consideration.

    (Anonymous responder:) I have no way to know what’s necessary or not, for me or for anyone, and no way to conclude that information passed along is necessary and that information not passed along isn’t necessary for the sitter to know. I have nothing upon which to base such a conclusion. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s not. I have no way to know. But maybe you’ve witnessed things that can support it.

    (Medium 7 notes: )If the sitter needs to know information they do not know already, they can receive this type of information if the conditions are right.

    3. Fraud: (Medium7 notes: I deal with many of the issues you speak about below in my book as I agree with your concerns below. I address fraud and the related history. Anyone reading this chapter would understand the limitations to consider when seeing a medium. (see the outline on chapter 8 here: http://www.medium7.com (chapter 8)

    (Anonymous response: )Thanks. I’ll definitely check it out.

    Medium 7 writes: Thanks for the dialogue. Your points show your knowledge in the area and your effort to resolved unsolved answers. This is why I am sharing this on the Medium7 website.

  9. Thelma says:

    Really good. I agree.

  10. Related Site says:

    Trustworthy sources for this sort of info are hard to find. Seriously happy I came across this site. I intend to tell many of friends about this.

    • medium7 says:

      Great to hear that you are enjoying the site and you are correct, there are not a lot of researchers conducting these studies. Glad to hear that you will share the site with friends and business colleagues!

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  12. home says:

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  17. Peter says:

    Thank you for your brilliant and informative articles. They are a great interesting read!

    • medium7 says:

      Thanks Peter. I am glad to keep sharing these to ensure we can enhance the public’s knowledge on topics related to the afterlife (especially in the areas of psychic mediumship). Glad you found them informative and interesting!

  18. Kris says:

    Liked the book. Am wondering if you have information as to where you can find a reliable medium. I don’t know of any in my area and feel nervous abouticking someone online.

  19. joan davis says:

    l live in france and wonder if it is possible to have a reading on the telephone with chris stillar? my life has been very interesting, like many different lives one after the other. l had an NDE in the 80s and have been told that l am somewhat psychic myself. l was born in england.

    • medium7 says:

      Hi Joan, Chris’s website is http://www.spiritualmedium.ca/
      I believe he does do telephone readings but you would have to confirm that with him. Merci de nous avoir contactés votre de France. Je ne peux pas attendre pour visiter la France. J’espère que vous serez en mesure d’avoir une bonne réunion avec le droit medium. Désolé si mon français n’est pas bon, mais j’aime la langue française!

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  21. new age says:

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  22. Amanda says:

    I have had an experience out of my body and have been through experiences of mediumship. If you guys would like me to describe my experiences it will be a great pleasure for me.
    Feel free to contact me.
    Amanda B. Souza

  23. jay p. williams says:

    Hi i would like a private reading whereabouts are you located i’m in toronto thanks

    • medium7 says:

      Hello Jay, Metaphysics research does not do private readings. We conduct studies with mediums and so do not have any involvement with co-ordinating readings unless it is part of a research study.

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