Investigating the Authenticity of Physical Mediumship

When I first began researching mental mediumships, the 19th century literature also spoke about rappings, direct voice, apports and both partial and full materializations from discarnates. Of course I thought this was quite “fantastic” and was likely to be a thing of the past. After I published my first book, Medium7:Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions in 2013, I met many other credible researchers that shared that were a few rare physical mediums that could produce ectoplasm and work with photoplasm to facilitate those in the spirit world to manifest into the physical. I learned that David Thompson was said to be one of the few in the world that could facilitate reunions between sitters and loved ones in the spirit world. This of course deserved serious investigation given the weight that this type of phenomena could bring to demonstrating survival of consciousness.

The following research report covers my observations and conclusion to physical mediumship after staying in Sarasota Florida for 10 days observing David Thompson demonstrate materializations in five séances. Five séances provides and ample amount of time to examine the protocol and phenomena. Click the link below:

David picture

David Thompson final research report October 29 2014

David and ectoplasm

William: David Thompson's control

Quinton Crisp: Part of Thompson's regular spirit teamLouis Armstrong: A regular member of Thompson's spirit team

For a full analysis of the top physical mediums today, look out for my upcoming book: Medium9: Harnessing the Power of Spiritual Energy (I-universe: Penguin Random House Company, March 2015). I will do a comprehensive analysis of physical mediumship in the 21st century and cover the materializations and reunions that I have observed. The book will cover examinations of the impact people have had after experiencing physical mediumship, out of body experiences, past life regressions, and energy healing. I also explore the changing scientific paradigm and new reality that includes the onset of the galactic age, extraterrestrials and how humankind is adapting to the new way of harnessing spiritual energy and wellbeing.

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