During the pilot phase (December 2011-March 2012), 10 mediums were interviewed in depth (in-person and by phone). Mediums were identified via the “snow ball technique” where names of potential mediums were referred to the Principal Investigator. Mediums needed to demonstrate credibility and consent to participate in the research. Participation in the research included a lengthy interview and a willingness to refer sitters to the researcher for an interview and follow-up. Only Mediums with real talents and gifts were included in the study. By only using gifted Mediums any anomalies or unanswered questions can usually be attributed to a lack of full understanding about the “nature of the universe”; these anomalies are not necessarily categorized as “errors” but instead are flagged for further examination. Only Mediums that work with the “white light” (source of purity with the intent to “share information that is for the highest good”) were admitted to the study.

All information from the interviews were recorded, transcribed and entered into Nvivo to complete the qualitative analysis. Content analysis was used to create clusters and identify trends.

Of the 10 mediums that were interviewed in the pilot phase, 5 agreed to allow the writer to work with their clients.

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It should be noted that it was difficult to recruit Mediums for this study. The 5 Mediums that participated in interviews but did not want to participate in the research study believed in the importance of clarifying this phenomenon, however, they wanted to protect their privacy or were not comfortable in providing the researcher with access to their client’s contact information without receiving prior consent.