The grounded theory approach was used for the first phase of the study. This inductive type research is useful when clarifying abstract concepts. It is also useful when attempting to potentially identify trends and integrate concepts from various fields of study. Exploring the universe requires an understanding from a number of disciplines including psychology, physics, metaphysics, social science, philosophy and medicine. The author uses this grounded approach to be able to cluster and integrate the various disciplines into a coherent theory.

The first phase of the research study utilized findings from surveys, interviews, diary recalls, observations, focus groups and key informant interviews. There are four key steps that will be used to develop the theory:

Stage 1: Collect data and develop codes that allow the key data points to be categorized

Stage 2: Collect the codes that will be grouped together to form concepts

Stage 3: Broad groups of concepts are clustered to develop a theory

Stage 4: A collection of clusters identified from the content analysis is used to develop a clear theory and explanations for the subject of the research.