1.  Can mediums communicate with discarnate beings (spirits without a physical body)?

  1. Can they use other “senses” that exist beyond the realm of the “normal five senses”?
  1. What are the underlying mechanics used by Mediums to communicate with “spirit”?
  1. Is there “Life after Death”?
  1. If discarnate beings do exist, what are the factors that diminish communication between the medium and discarnate beings?
  1. To what extent can mediums predict the future?
  1. What are factors contributing to accurate future predictions?
  1. What are effective research methods for assessing the validity of “survival consciousness” (life after death) and measuring the accuracy of predictions?
  1. What are the implications of these findings? How can this knowledge transform thoughts and behaviours in this current lifetime?
  1. Does utilizing a medium to communicate messages (via readings) provide benefits? Are there any challenges that occur as a result of receiving messages via a medium?