What are 4 ways to Study the Nature of Reality?

In this section of the website we will provide an overview of Phase 1 of the research study known as Medium 7. Just prior to sharing this, some context is necessary. Let’s first explore all possible methods we could use to explore the nature of the universe. After reviewing the four methods, you will have a better understanding of why using the Medium is more accessible, cost-efficient and socially beneficial.

There are a few methods one can use to explore our universe. During your existence on “earth”, you learn about the existence of other planets and you may have experiences that provide hints that other planets and other “states of consciousness” exist. We have intuitive experiences including telepathy between close family/friends, miracles, and most important, messages via our sixth sense. All of these signs have motivated people to examine and answer the question, “what really is the nature of reality”?

Chart 1 illustrates 4 contemporary ways one could attempt to unravel some of the mysteries of our universe.

Chart 1: Methods Used to Explore the Nature of Reality

As the graphical depiction above (Chart 1) indicates, there are four different ways to explore our universe. The first item in the chart is the key method used in this research to explore the “nature of reality”. The research and book (Medium7, 2013) focuses on using Mediums to explore how messages are communicated from “the other side”. Using gifted mediums is a cost-effective way to explore the universe as messages from the other side can be assessed and potentially validated confirming the existence of life after death and other important information.

Astronomy (Chart 1-Item #2) is an even more accurate way of exploring the nature of our universe. It can provide mankind with a more direct experience as you can actually see and feel another planet and perhaps meet extra-terrestrial beings! The challenge of course with using this option is that building a space ship that “works” would be quite costly! We know too, that N.A.S.A has spent a great deal of money and time exploring these possibilities and still have many unanswered questions. The third means (Chart 1-Item #3)of gathering information about other states of consciousness is by hearing stories of “Near Death Experiences” (NDE’s). There is a volume of literature documented about NDEs. For example, when a patient “dies” on the operating table and returns to life and shares information about activities occurring during their “time of death”, this type of information provides insight and potential proof of another “reality”. Usually surgeons/doctors, nurses or other hospital staff are privy to such information as patients who believe they have experienced an NDE make reports right after the occurrence. While NDEs can provide evidence of a “continuation of life”, with this method, validating “direct” messages from spirits/discarnates form another dimension is limited. What makes this line of enquiry challenging is that objective witnesses are not available to validate the claims of patients.

Finally, the fourth method is usually accessible to psychologists or psychiatrists. Psychologists hypnotize their patients, bringing them into a deep state of calm allowing them to access memories from the past. Often patients will access memories from previous lifetimes. The psychologist and potential witnesses can hear the patient share details about a different lifetime. The examination of the research in this area demonstrates that during hypnosis, patients share details that could not be known but are later verified. In some cases, the patient fluently responds to the psychiatrist/psychologist during hypnosis in a language that they have never learned. These mysterious events usually justify the existence of a previous lifetime; this assumption is an important pre-requisite to discovering the mystery surrounding the “after-life”.

So you see there are a few ways to uncover the mysteries about our universe. Metaphysics Research chose to work with gifted mediums as they are relatively accessible and provide access to information that is measureable and verifiable. They answer questions about the purpose of life through their alleged ability to hear, taste, smell and feel information that is not accessible to the average person. Mediums and potential study participants were told that while we were interested in learning about the underlying mechanics of mediumship, the ultimate goal was to increase knowledge about “life after death” (survival consciousness) and examine factors that contribute to accurate predictions. Talented Mediums provided us with a potential doorway to clarifying the nature of reality.