What do Out of Body Experiences Tell Us About the Afterlife?

Q[1]What is an Out of Body Experience?

An out of body experience (also known as astral travel) occurs when the spirit or etheric body is released from the physical body. Out of body experiences (OBE) essentially describes an event where people can perceive events outside of the physical body. These experiences can occur during sleep, meditation or can be induced.


Why is Discussing this important?

In a time when people are having many spiritual experiences, they turn to the few outlets available to obtain answers. Many have turned to mediums to obtain answers; however, for some the activity of speaking to discarnates (spirit without a body) via a medium is either not possible, perceived as evil or given the messages conveyed by the medium may create uncertainty about the possibility of survival of consciousness.

What if you could find out about the true nature of reality by simply leaving the physical body? What if this activity was natural and was not against your religious faith or could not be condemned as “evil”. Discussing OBEs is important as it provides another outlet to discovering the true nature of reality without the controversy that sometimes accompanies mediumship.

OBE is a phenomena that naturally occurs but we are either not aware of it or have not been able to classify our experiences accordingly. Since people experience OBEs naturally (even without learning astral projections), it signifies that this is a natural process. It is not solicited as part of any financial or political agenda—it just is. If out of body experiences are occurring naturally, materialists who have still found ways to critique the authentic stories of people who have returned from their near death experiences, there is little to refute about out of body experiences. For example, materialists who still claim that NDE perceptions during the dying process are a product of the dying brain, their theory would not explain why those experiencing out of body perceptions with a fully functioning brain still have similar experiences to NDErs (individuals who have experienced a NDE).

The OBE phenomenon adds to the already burgeoning evidence about the existence of the afterlife in the following ways:

• Consciousness exists outside of the brain;
• The soul is separate from the body and can experience consciousness while the physical body is still healthy and functioning;
• This is a natural occurrence;
• Various spiritual realms exist;
• Various spirits and discarnates exist (as suggested by studies in mediumship, NDE and past life regression therapy)

Many materialists and open minded skeptics question whether OBEs are really just a form of lucid dreaming. There are some interesting cases that demonstrate why they are real experiences. In Victor & Wendy Zammit’s book, A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, they note that in many indigenous cultures, missionaries visiting Africa noted that native tribes had knowledge of activities and events taking place in areas where these tribes had never travelled (Inglis, 1977). If they did not have other resources to travel to these ‘faraway’ places, they must have used astral travel to obtain this knowledge.

There are many authors providing instructions including specific steps and methods to elicit an OBE. Robert Monroe and William Buhlman have observed and provided instruction on several OBEs and note that when people follow the pattern to be released from the body suggests they eventually experience astral travel. In particular Monroe and Buhlman provide credible examples of cases where during an OBE, people have seen other spirits/entities or experienced certain activities that were later verified.

How Do OBEs Strengthen the Evidence Supporting the Survival of Consciousness Theory?

Experiencing an OBE strengthens the evidence regarding survival of consciousness by confirming the following:

• The soul is separate from the physical body;
• The soul can actually experience consciousness and other realities outside of the physical body;
• The experiences outside of the physical body are not perceived as a result of a dying brain or nervous system;
• The soul survives the death of the physical body (this is verified when astral travellers verify seeing and communicating with entities that are no longer experiencing consciousness on the physical plane)

With more and more people sharing their OBE experiences and learning how to elicit such experiences, we no longer need to guess or have faith about the soul’s ability to thrive beyond the physical body. The mystery about the true nature of existence is being solved and can be experienced frequently for the astral explorer.

References for this blog can be found in the Journal and Books section of the website (www.medium7.com). Stay tuned for our next blog on physical mediumship…..”Is Physical Mediumship Gone Forever?”

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, BSc., CrimDip, MSc.
Director, Metaphysics Research


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What is a Cold Reading?




What is a Cold Reading?

I have had frequent questions from curious observers and skeptics about whether proclaimed mediums are using ‘cold reading techniques’. I decided to carefully compare the various aspects of cold reading and mediumship to examine this enquiry closely.

As an objective social scientist, it is always prudent to thoroughly examine every perspective before coming to a conclusion. I was privileged enough to recently interview an individual who indicated that he was trained to use cold reading techniques to help him become a successful entertainer. Carlos (not his real name), indicated, “I learned cold reading tactics not to be a psychic medium wannabe’. I learned them to help me read the audience better so I could change my act accordingly”. After showing Carlos a few videotapes of readings between a client and a psychic medium under controlled conditions, Carlos noted that the psychic medium and the cold reader were doing two very different things.

The following table is a compilation of secondary sources and information I learned from my key informant Carlos.


Areas of Comparison Mediums Cold readers
Posing questions to the sitter (client being   read)
  • An authentic medium will only ask you to verify with a” yes” or “no” after   you have provided the information.
  • A medium may ask you to interpret symbols after but not before they   have provided the evidence.
  •  In a typical reading usually the sitter asks the medium questions; it normally is not the other way around.
  • A cold reader asks the sitter many questions to be able to get information that
    he/she can feed back to the sitter
  • Authentic mediums conduct readings with the intention to connect with   discarnates or spirit who may provide messages that are for the greater good  of the sitter.
  •  A reading from an individual who is not able to connect with another level of consciousness is intending to deceive the sitter as the information is based on
    guestimates only.
  •  Mediums use clairvoyance, clairsentience,   clairaudience , clairalience, and claircognizance to convey messages between   the discarnates (soul without a body)  to the sitter (client).
  • Provide information about symbols and   impressions that are demonstrated through extra-sensory abilities.
  • Mediums have still been able to provide high-level evidence statements when the sitter is not in the room and where the   sitter provides no information during the reading.
  • Use body language and facial expressions to enable the provision of  comments that are likely to resonate with many sitters (Barnum effect)
  • Shotgun techniques involve rapid fire of general names and themes while  assessing the reaction of the sitter to make additional commentary that may eventually resonate as relevant and accurate to the sitter.
Levels of  detail
  • Evidential mediums under the appropriate   conditions can provide names of people and “things” of relevance.  Places, cause of death and detailed   knowledge that no other living agent knows can be conveyed from spirit.
  •  These specific detailed and relevant messages   are provided initially without any prior shotgun statements (i.e., the medium   does not provide other names prior to arriving at the correct one; they   provide the name the first time).
  • Mediums can provide high level evidence that cannot   be achieved by reading body language or facial expressions.
  • Cold readers, mentalists and magicians provide general comments that can apply to many people.
  • If a cold reader provides a specific name, it is usually after providing many other names as this follows the principle that ‘one will eventually arrive at the correct answer.’


As a result of the comparison between mediumship and cold reading in the table above, it is clear that mediumship is very different from cold reading. This means that when an individual such as a psychic medium provides detailed evidence such as the ones described above, this should not be labeled cold reading.


We know for a fact that there are entertainers, mentalists and others who may use cold reading techniques for various purposes. However, as per the table above, this technique should not be confused with authentic mediumship.


Share your comments about this article on our blog or welcome page (www.medium7.com) and stay tuned for next week’s blog: What Do Out-of-Body experiences Tell Us About the Afterlife?


Donna Smith-Moncrieffe BSc., CrimDip, MSc.
Director, Metaphysics Research

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What Do You Believe?

believe[1]Well, it seems that our being inundated with data in the information age about parapsychology and the afterlife is just not enough to convince everyone that perhaps there is more to existence than we once thought. Over the last decade there has been a burgeoning of evidence. Some of this evidence is what I would call “in-your- face- evidence” but for some reason some cannot accept notions about the soul’s immortality, the soul’s ability to perceive beyond the physical body or even that mediums can talk to the dead!

I am not perplexed by the variations in beliefs. After all, our beliefs evolve each time we learn something new—raising our consciousness will naturally change what we believe. While we should celebrate diverse beliefs, I still find it fascinating to understand the continued range of perspectives on the afterlife. One of the reasons understanding beliefs about the afterlife are so complex is that there are so many sub-beliefs that comprise this larger perspective.
So if you ask someone what they believe about the afterlife, they might be responding to several of the following sub-constructs:

• Validity of the soul’s immortality
• Destination of the soul
• Reincarnation: does the soul return to a new physical body over multiple life-  times (sometimes confused with transmigration)
• Belief in God or Source
• Spirit Communication
• Parallel universe

This list provides just a few of the many sub-constructs that float around someone’s mind when they are faced with questions about believing in an existence beyond the physical plane.

I am very tolerant of different beliefs. In fact if one understands that we are all vibrating at different vibrational frequencies, it can be easily understood that we will always perceive differently. During this time as we move further away from the third-dimension, it will be harder for third-dimension folks to see eye to eye with fourth- and fifth-dimension individuals. The latter group have a higher consciousness and see the world for what it truly is. Third-dimension folks are stuck in the Age of Pisces still seeing the physical world as isolated, with physical barriers. They perceive the physical world to be a place where people still make monetary values and physical image their top priorities.

Let me give you an actual example of this. In the past four months I have monitored comments made by the public after they reviewed seven YouTube videos that demonstrate strong evidence of mediumship, near-death experiences and out-of body experiences. The comments range drastically with some of the non-believers being extremely skeptical. It does not make sense to provide the actual frequency distribution with percentages as we don’t have data on what percentage of believers and disbelievers were viewing these videos. Some selected anecdotal evidence in this case is better than providing a somewhat biased break-down of beliefs based on a small sample of selected YouTube videos. Here are some of the comments skeptical viewers made despite them having no other explanation for the phenomena:


Skeptic: If this guy was able to see while he was dead, then if it were real, he should be able to come back “all knowing”, yet he seems to be the same old guy…
Skeptic: Well I do think it is mysterious why the medium was able to name two names and identify some relevant scenarios but perhaps the town where the sitter is from is highly known for these names and the medium took a good guess?
Skeptic: This of course has to be fake. If not it is mentalist tricks or hypnotism. No one can talk to the dead –simply –BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD! Anyone who suggests that they can talk to the dead are ‘scammers.’
Skeptic/Believer: “Yes, the soul is immortal but mediums are communicating with fallen angels otherwise known as Satan.”

I continue to survey and examine anecdotal evidence from non-believers about why they are not able to believe, for example, that our souls are immortal and live beyond the physical death of the body. There are an interesting range of responses but I have found the following most frequent reasons noted below:

Fear of the unknown: “If I allow myself to believe that my soul will float into oblivion after I die, this is more frightening than the thought of resting in peace.”

Guilt: “I really want to embrace some of the new concepts and notions I am learning, however, this is really against my Roman Catholic upbringing and I feel guilty about going against the church by believing in some things they don’t embrace.”
Confusion: “Some of the concepts such as astral travel, parallel universe, vibrational frequencies and many others are just confusing. So they may be real, I just have difficulty wrapping my head around these concepts.”

So what do you believe? Perhaps, it is really not so important what you believe. It is important that you stay open minded and allow your soul to evolve so the universe can respond with more informed answers. When we remain closed, we trap ourselves into stagnant patterns of beliefs that limit our ability to learn. So everyone should be free to believe what they want but be open minded in the process so we don’t miss important learning’s.

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, BSc, CrimDip, MSc.
Metaphysics Research Blog Series
Director and Author

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Medium7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions is Live!

After conducting this two year study with 88 sitters, 10 mediums, focus groups and an extensive literature review, the book Medium7 was finally published on June 24th, 2013.

There are some unique features to this book. It is the first systematic examination of various mediums in Canada conducted by an independent researcher. This is also the first study to follow sitters (medium’s clients) over an 18 month period to monitor the outcomes of predictions.
Medium7 contains original research but also combines key studies conducted by other scientists in areas related to near-death experience, out of body experiences, past life regression therapy, deathbed visions and remote viewing. When these studies and the Medium7 study are combined, you have all of the afterlife scientific research at your fingertips—having this type of information at hand helps you to be more informed and able to make decisions about the real nature of our existence. Although this is research-based, the style of writing is non-technical and practical so laypersons can easily absorb the case studies, narratives and findings.

The book also covers topics related the following:
• Five extensive case studies of mediums that elaborate how mediumship works;
• Several case studies of actual sitters;
• History of mediumship and Spiritualism;
• Six prerequisites to understanding how speaking to the dead is even possible;
• Quantum theory and how this science helps us understand the nature of predictions;
• Reincarnation and how this notion helps us understand the purpose of our existence;
• Karma;
• How we create our own reality;
• Rival theories of Survival of Consciousness; and
• Challenges and Benefits of spirit communication

Metaphysics Research looks forward to your comments about the book. We welcome questions and constructive comments on this website or in the “write a review” section where the book is sold.
Medium7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions can now be purchased online at Amazon (in all countries), Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo.ca, iuniversebookstore.com. The book is now available in hard, soft cover and E-Book version (Kindle, Kobo etc…). Stay tuned for Chapters Indigo book store locations where the book will be sold in Toronto, Canada

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Book Release Coming Soon…

Medium7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions

For centuries, scientists, philosophers, and people from all walks of life have wondered if there is life after death and whether anyone can truly predict the future. Today, in a time  of great spiritual awakening, the answers to these questions hold remarkable insights into the nature of our existence and the manner in which we should all live our lives.

In Medium7,  Canadian researcher and author Donna Smith-Moncrieffe shares insight from her journey to find truth about the nature of existence. Smith-Moncrieffe  provides engaging cases studies and uses rigorous scientific methods to determine the existence of an afterlife and the extent to which mediums can accurately predict the future. Through extensive interviews with ten gifted mediums and their clients, Smith-Moncrieffe reveals an in-depth look
into how mediums interact with the spirit world and communicate with the deceased, how thoughts create reality, and how reincarnation impacts mankind’s existence.

She also inspires others to embark on their own personal journeys of discovery to learn more about the purpose of life and become more confi dent about the final destination.

Medium7 shares a range of ground-breaking studies involving mediums, near death experiences, and past life regression therapy to provide knowledge, courage, and hope for  anyone interested in understanding more about the true nature of our universe and mankind’s existence—now and for eternity.

Available on www.iuniverse.com bookstores, Amazon. ca, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo July 2013

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Life After Death: What Happens When a Medium conducts a reading with a Non-Believer?

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Non-Believer’s Experiments: A Medium’s Perspective

What happens when you invite 3 male non-believers for a reading with a Medium? You might learn that the ability for the Medium to contact the sitter’s (client receiving the reading) deceased relatives or share accurate information is diminished given the predisposition of the client. You might learn though that the discarnates (individuals that have passed to the spirit world) are able to provide information and guidance via the Medium with similar levels of accuracy and clarity. For those of you not familiar with the terminology and process of a reading, see the diagram on the About the research page on the website (www.medium7.com).
Metaphysics Research Inc. conducted an experiment with 3 males who each participated in an hour reading with Medium Chris Stillar, Alliston, Ontario. The study findings would provide a control for findings generated from 10 mediums during Phase 1 of the study known as Medium 7 Research. Do we obtain the same accuracy rates and levels of communication when non-believers and males participate in readings with a Medium? The two key objectives of these studies were to explore life after death issues (survival of consciousness) and identify factors that contribute to the accuracy in predictions. These findings further aid mankind in its pursuit of truth about the nature of Reality.

Watch the video posted on this blog page (posted May 26) where Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, Principal Investigator of the study interviews Chris Stillar right after these readings on September 2011. The interview highlights that the predisposition of the sitter (client) has a minimal effect on the accuracy of the reading. The discussion in the interview highlights though that the “need” and the “openness” of the sitter can affect the flow, levels of understanding and accuracy of the reading.

The writer witnessed a reading for example where one male with the greatest need had numerous accurate hits. This sitter was struggling with the loss of his best friend who took his life just a few weeks before this experiment was being conducted. The sitter had the need for “closure” so the communication with the Medium and the sitter’s best friend (passed into the spirit world) was stronger.

Another reading with a sitter who was extremely closed demonstrated that the information was still flowing and was accurate, however the sitter was not able to process how or why someone who was passed could still be with us. In this example, the sitter’s Mother (deceased) was extremely apologetic for the way she treated him in life. Despite the accuracy of the information (validated by his wife) he could not accept this information mostly because the scars had still not healed. In this case, even when non-believers have no other explanation for how a Medium can obtain accurate information that is not accessible from any other source, it is still difficult for them to comprehend especially since it is not coming from the physical world. This was potentially a lost opportunity to begin healing.

In another example, the Medium emphasizes that an older man (one level above him) with the initials CRL was here from the spirit world. The sitter said that he could not relate. When the Medium persisted as the spirit CRL would not give up their attempts to be properly identified, this triggered the sitter to say, “oh yes, I was close to my uncle CYRL who passed several years ago, but I did not respond in the affirmative as you forgot the letter, “Y” in his name. In this particular case the sitter takes the information so literally that making the link to his Uncle CYRL is almost a missed opportunity for awakening and receipt of guiding messages. This example highlights how “literal thinking” and potential “misinterpretation” inhibit communication between the sitter, the medium and discarnates.
Non-Believers and Skeptics are an important part of the scientific research as they help identify gaps and in this study operate as control groups that allow us to more effectively isolate the accuracy rates. Most important is that if their results are similar to the results of believers then this provides confirmation that the phenomenon exists and is less related to the predisposition and perceptions of the clients (sitters).
For more information about this research, please visit our site at www.medium7.com

Contact us at medium7book@yahoo.ca if you would like to be notified when the book Medium7: Understanding Life after Death and Factors Contributing to Accurate Predictions is published.

Article written By: Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, Metaphysics Research Inc

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Non-Believer’s Experiments: A Medium’s Perspective

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Life after Death from a Non-Believers Perspective

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Welcome to Medium7 Research. Stay tuned for posted updates.

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