Diary Recall

Dear Research Participant,

Thank you for participating in Medium7 Research. The key research questions are as follows:

1. To increase awareness about mediumship and psychic phenomenon;

2. To increase knowledge about the techniques used during a “reading”;

3. To systematically assess two key areas:

• What factors contribute to the medium’s ability to make accurate predictions?

• Is there evidence of life after death (also known as Survival of Consciousness)?

4. To further explore the implications of these findings. What does this mean about the nature of reality? How does this information transform lives?

Use the diary recall method to ensure that you will have all relevant information documented. This documentation will ensure that during follow-up interviews your recall of information will be sufficient to assess statements shared by the Medium in your past reading.


Item 0-3 months(tick if this information occurred or was clarified) 4-6 months(tick if this information occurred or was clarified) 7-12 months(tick if this information occurred or was clarified) 13-18 months(tick if this information occurred or was clarified) Mark an “X” if this does not occur within 18 months Notes (Insert dates if this column is updated as more information is revealed)
Saint Bernard Said to google it in relation to my daughter-the information could relate to her musical talents
2 yellow jackets(this is just the start) Fits current project that I am working on
Man comes with good news Lawyer shared good news within 3 months of this reading
Possible Change of Residence and Locations (possible change of job) Note this was confirmed by another medium within 3 months of this reading but still no sign of a move.
9 months give birth to changes Not sure how to interpret as there was no other information shared
Find a lawyer to protect creative interests(repeated several times throughout reading(related to deception re: $$ discussion) 0-3 monthsThis is information seems very relevant and necessary. It relates to a project being worked on. This was not mentioned to the psychic during the reading.
Journeys-Montreal(several trips by Train?) 0-3 monthsOne trip to this location was already planned prior to the reading
Journey- New York City
Journey-to Portugal (purpose deliberately not revealed)
Celebration Reception (recognition) with signing a number of items (spirit guides will be there- they are very excited for me)
October should be a jump start to events This certainly occurred in October with tangible action occurring on a project that was difficult prior to October
Women with light colored hair has the vision This woman has not appeared yet, but another medium confirmed this same point 4 months after this reading
New man-brings $$ and swift travel Did not materialize
Wish in 9 months to come true ( June 2011) Not clear on how wish is defined
People who have not been honest-the truth is coming out The psychic spoke about this being a time of “revelations”
Tremendous wealth and the universe supporting me This item is considered general motivational knowledge that will not be tracked in this research