Scoring Tool

Medium 7 Scoring Tool


The following is a sample of the Medium 7 tool. The tool was developed by the principal investigator, Donna Smith-Moncrieffe in 2010. The tool is used to assess evidence in relation to “life after death” and to determine the accuracy of predictions made by a Medium during a reading.

Completing the tool involves documenting all statements made by a Medium during the reading in “Column A”. Identifying discrete statements allows one to assign a score for each unrelated statement.

Column B is scored by the sitter within 30 days of the reading and the researcher follows up with the sitter to complete C & D at various intervals after the first follow-up.

The following chart provides a breakdown of the types of statements that are most commonly shared by Mediums. The researcher clusters the response rates for these categories to later determine if some categories of statements are more related to accuracy levels than others.

The results are calculated by assigning probabilities to specific statements communicated from a medium to the sitter (the client receiving messages from spirit via a medium). When a statement made during a reading has a higher probability beyond chance this provides evidence supporting the various assumptions proposed in this research.

The scoring guide (further down) provides a guide for both the sitter and the researcher to use. The tool takes into consideration that during an hour reading, the utility and validity of the statements made vary and need to be assessed.

Predisposition: Open Skeptic

Key Purpose for reading: Prediction (related to passing of a loved one)


  • : Message or Guidance from spirit

: Prediction

  • : Potential validation from spirit world
Score:(Within 30 days of the reading) Score :(Within 3 months of the reading) Notes (Sitter’s and Researcher’s comments after the reading)
COLUMN A:(sitter’s) reading(Researchers transcribe and enter statements) COLUMN B:(sitter) to score COLUMN C:(sitter) to score COLUMN D
Someone is here: Very strong in spirit. The name is Linda or Lynn 3 N/A Sitter shared during the post interview that her grandmother’s name is Linda (Middle name is Lynn)Researcher: notes. The sitter provided no prior information about anyone in spirit
Grandmother on your Mother’s side is Linda 3 N/A Confirmed Again
Grandmother says you are inpatient with your oldest son 3□-override 1 N/A Sitter noted that this is true.Researcher-overrides score as this is a general statement that can apply to others (score changed to 1)
She is with you, happy to be reunited with her husband, 1 N/A The Grandmother (Linda) did pine for her husband (sitter’s grandfather) when he died
You should consider Pilates type movements for your lower back (moderate compression noted) 3 N/A Sitter: has recently noticed chronic back pain but did not have any plans to treat it
Your family will finally move to the home that you have been waiting for.(Time frame: some time in the Fall 2011) N/a-score this in the fall 3 Family moved to their “dream home”-not in the fall but in December 2011 (a month after Fall 2011) Sitter notes: At the time of the reading this was a very unlikely move given the family’s financial limitations but this did occurResearcher notes: The Medium shared that the Grandmother in sprit shared this information. The sitter did not solicit this information it was spontaneously offered.
Your brother will get that job he is working to get (by Winter 2011) Cannot score at this time as this has not occurred -2Brother still does not have a job as of April 2012 (5 months after Winter 2011) Sitter: The Medium accurately identified that the brother was in need of a job but the prediction did not manifest at the time of follow-up
Legend:Descriptive Statistics= X prediction statements ( X %)= X validation statements (X %)

=X guidance statements ( X %)

Total number of statements: X

Overall Score: X (based on a total of X scored statements)



X % of statements scored beyond statistical significance (p <0.05)

Types of statements most likely to have scored beyond chance (p<0.05)

X% of statements scored that do not show statistical significance (p>0.05)

Types of statements most likely to have not shown statistical significance (p>0.05)



Note: Score should not be entered into database until after the final follow-up with sitter

Note: Tool Not for use without the permission of the researcher. Contact Principal Investigator Donna Smith-Moncrieffe for Permission to Reference or Use

Scoring Instructions:

1. Review the “information and predictions” column

2. Score each of the statements using the scoring grid below ( Remember to check with family members and other sources to attempt to clarify or validate information that was unclear during the reading).

3. Resubmit scores for Medium 7 research to

Scoring Grid©

0 to +3: Information that has been validated by the sitter

• +3: information is strongly accurate and could not have been known by anyone else (i.e. name of family member on the other side; or information was unknown to the sitter but further verified after the reading (this validates that the medium is not mind reading). The information is also very specific.

• +2: information is very accurate but some information could be known by others (i.e. info available is in the public domain). Information is somewhat specific

• +1: information is very accurate but could be applicable to others as well (“your Mother says you are so stubborn and she died suddenly with a great deal of pain”). Information is not specific.

0: Information is not validated but needs to be followed up by another source (i.e. check with another family member or needs to be assessed over the next few months)

Note: This is just a sample scoring grid. A typical reading has at least  a minimum of 50 statements and this chart has only provided a sample for each type of statement.