Surveys for Participants

Dear Research Participant:

Thank you for participating in this research.

The key objectives of the research are as follows:

1. To increase awareness about mediumship and psychic phenomenon

2. To increase knowledge about the techniques used during a “reading”

3. To systematically assess two key areas:

• What factors contribute to the medium’s ability to make accurate predictions?

• Is there evidence of life after death (also known as Survival of Consciousness)?

4. To further explore the implications of these findings. What does this mean about the nature of

Reality ? How does this information transform lives?

Please be reminded that all of the oral or written information you provide will be confidential. Names are not used and detailed information that could increase identification will not be shared publicly. The data /information provided will be analyzed and reported in an aggregate form where individual information cannot be attributed to any particular individual. Your information can be withdrawn at any time prior to completing the research.

The following semi-structured guide/instrument will be used by the researcher during the interview with a research participant who has had a reading with a psychic or medium. Many additional probing questions may be used in the interview; however the following are standard areas that will be covered during the interview.


• Readings (with psychics or mediums)

Beliefs/Life Outlook (prior to reading with a Medium)

• Religious views

• Philosophy or life outlook

Levels of Authenticity

• Aspects of a reading that increase authenticity

• Aspects of a reading that decrease authenticity

Recall of Readings

Identify key events, issues, or names that were identified during the reading:

    • High Levels of Evidence (information that could not be provided by anyone else; information is specific to the sitter)
    • Moderate levels of Evidence (information that is accurate but could be possibly accessed via other means; information is somewhat specific to the sitter)
    • Low levels of evidence (information is unclear , has not manifested or was interpreted incorrectly; information is generalizable to others)

Strengths of a reading

  • What benefits do you derive from a reading?
  • What makes a reading a “good one” for you?


  • What are some challenges you have experienced during readings?
  • Do you have any concerns about possible dependency on the advice shared by a Medium?
  • Do you feel that information shared can change your life course in an unfavourable way?

Note: During the interview, the researcher will determine if there is enough concrete information that could warrant a six month follow-up interview. For example, if the psychic or medium shares a premonition with a specific date/time frame, you will be contacted to assess the validity of the “prediction”. If you are not contacted your information will be used to assess questions related “life after death (survival of consciousness) related research objectives.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in Medium7 Research,