Survey for Mediums

Dear Research Participant:

Thank you for participating in this research. The key objectives of the research are as follows:

1. To increase awareness about mediumship and psychic phenomenon;

2. To increase knowledge about the metaphysical techniques used during a “reading”;

3. To systematically explore “survival consciousness”. Is there life after death?;

4. To further explore the implications of these findings. How does learning that life continues after

death change lives?;

5. Can psychics and mediums predict the future? ;

6. What are the factors contributing to accurate predictions?;

Please be reminded that all of the oral or written information you provide will be confidential. Names are not used and detailed information that could increase identification will not be shared publicly. The data /information provided will be analyzed and reported in an aggregate form where information cannot be attributed to any particular individual. Your information can be withdrawn at any time prior to completing the research.

The following semi-structured guide/instrument will be used by the researcher during the interview with the psychic or medium. Many additional probing questions may be used in the interview; however the following are standard areas that will be explored.


Background Information

Obtain information on the following:

• Name (Only document this if the medium/psychic wants their names published)

• Number of years conducting readings

• Other spiritual type work

Note: The researcher may ask for a written biography to supplement information obtained during the interview.

Gifts and Abilities

Obtain and document specific information about what the medium/psychic perceives to be the mechanism responsible for “knowing” information beyond the 5 senses (i.e. clairvoyance, clairsentient, clairaudience etc..)


• How confident is the psychic or medium about their abilities?

• Have they been tested? How do they feel about being formally tested (UK requirements)?

• How did they gain confidence that their gifts were accurate?

• Ask them to discuss their gifts and document examples of how this works (i.e. My guides speak

to your guides, channelling, use of the 3rd eye, use of tarot cards, reading blueprints etc..)

  • Describe how you communicate with “spirit”? Describe the various ways you receive

Information (note: this should include all other “ways” that do not include the normal five senses.

History (Key Milestones)

• When did you learn that you had special gifts?

• What was your experience during the early stages of learning about these gifts?

• Discuss key milestones that occurred during this discovery period.

• How do you strengthen or nurture these gifts?

Belief Systems/Life Outlook

• Describe any belief systems that you have.

• Did your belief systems change once you discovered you had special gifts?

What motivation do you have to utilize your gifts?

• Purpose or goals set

• Special messages for the public (i.e. knowledge that souls are infinite may be a type of message,

narratives about how “spirit” works”, guidance regarding preventable health risks etc…)

  • Guiding others
  • Other reasons for doing this type of work

Preparation prior to a Reading

  • Describe the process you use to prepare for a reading (i.e. prayers prior to reading, meditation,

trance, cleansing, smudging, nothing etc…

• What preparation factors contribute to increased accuracy?

• What do you ask your clients to do prior to a reading (if applicable?)

• What strategies are used to increase authenticity?

Processes during a Reading

How do you work during a reading?

• Are you in a trance during this period?

• Describe how the process works.

• Can clients interject and ask questions during the reading (or does this disturb the flow)?

• Can you do readings remotely?

• What do you do during the reading to increase authenticity (i.e. ask clients not to provide

feedback during the reading)

Describe issues that you have noticed during readings:

• Blocking of information

• Blanks

• Clarity and increased flow

• Variation based on client type (i.e skeptic, philosophy of life etc….)

  • Variation based on client’s motivation for the reading (i.e. Is a reading affected by the intent of the client or the client’s predisposition ; need of the client at the time of the reading)

Generally, what factors do you think contribute to a successful reading?

What phenomenon is challenging or left explained?

Research Participation: Are you interested in participating in the following areas of this research?

Case Study: ______

Prospective Study (clients starting the research after their reading): _______________

• Asking clients to complete a recall diary after the readings

• Clients would need to follow up with the researcher (electronically or by phone)

Retrospective Study (past clients that had their reading at least 6 months from the date of their phone interview with the researcher. The preferred client is someone who has had their reading 8 -12 months prior to their scheduled interview: ______________________

Focus Groups (group research being facilitated by the researcher). Various themes will be addressed during at least 6 in person focus groups.