Principal Investigator


Donna Smith-Moncrieffe currently works in the government  overseeing evaluation teams that are contracted to conduct scientific evaluation research studies.  Donna provides professional evaluation research advice to government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and private consulting firms on a daily basis. She has 17 years of professional research and evaluation experience having worked in the areas of policy research and evaluation with the Government of Canada, City of Toronto, Corrections Canada , Ministry of National Security and Justice (Jamaica) and the Cabinet Office with the Government of Jamaica. She has worked as an evaluation specialist on international crime prevention projects sponsored by the Department for International Development and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Note: Donna Smith-Moncrieffe’s private company, Metaphysics Research Inc.  conducts and generates findings related to parapsychology and metaphysics.  All information generated from Donna’s private research and company should not be associated with her  professional work with the Government of  Canada.


She has provided workshops and training in evaluation, logic model development, evidence-based decision making and evaluation planning for over 15 years. Donna also has several years of experience designing workshops and “training the trainer” modules to help build evaluation capacity in government, NGO’s and private business. This experience has allowed her to gain knowledge about common challenges that plague non-experts. Donna is sought after for her expertise and ability to transform technical information into user-friendly concepts.


Donna has years of experience as a peer reviewer committees for ‘Scientific Appropriateness’ has provided Donna with access to technical proposals from federal departments, universities, non-governmental organizations and private firms. She has reviewed and provided advice on approximately 50 evaluation or research studies per year since 1998. Evaluation studies include content area related to health, crime, security & justice issues, injury prevention, education, and results based business management/systems. This review experience continues to increase her technical competencies. Years of peer reviewing for ethics applications contribute to an increase in knowledge of how to balance scientific and ethical principles.


Donna has been a Principal Investigator and author for numerous documents on various types of evaluation research studies including evaluability assessment, needs assessments, process and impact evaluations and quasi-experimental evaluations. Donna has been presenting at industry conferences since 1998. She has been instrumental in providing innovative thinking on the challenge of evaluating multi-sites initiatives and has provided a significant contribution at industry conferences on topics relating to “Quantifying Fidelity Indices”.

Donna is currently the Principal Investigator of Phase 1 of the study Medium 7 and has conducted research in physical mediumship, energy healing and past life regression. She is  the author of the book Medium 7 : Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions (2013) and the book Medium9: The Transformational Powers of Spiritual Energy.


Donna earned her BSc. (Bachelors of  Science)  and Criminology diploma from the University of Toronto and her MSc.  (Masters of  Science) from the University of the West Indies. Areas of study include Psychology (Major) , Sociology, Criminology, Religions (minor) and Philosophy (minor). All of the degrees have research methods and statistical analysis requirements. All of Donna’s evaluation competencies are recognized by the Canadian Evaluation Society’s delegation certificate. She has received additional evaluation training from the World Health Organization, International Development Evaluation Training (Carlton University), Canadian Evaluation Society and various workshops offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Toronto. Donna has continued to maintain important contacts with key associations including the Canadian Evaluation Society, International Development Evaluation Training Association, and many other key evaluation research associations.


Donna’s evaluation research skills are also being used to systematically study metaphysical and parapsychology concepts. Specific research interests include:

  • Life After Death (Survival Consciousness)
  • Reincarnation
  • Science of Prediction

Donna’s research interests include understanding and exploring metaphysical phenomenon that leads to increased knowledge about the ‘ nature of  reality”. In addition to her formal research methods training and formal studies in Psychology, Donna has also formally studied Religion and Philosophy. She has a special interest in Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) courses and has been attending related industry conferences since 2006.




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