New YouTube Video: Why is Talking to the Dead Challenging?

I was inspired to take note of the various factors that contribute to enhanced communication between discarnates, psychic mediums and their clients (sitters). Lay persons who do not understand the nature of psychic communication and mediumship often have unreasonable expectations and unfortunately make erroneous assumptions and decisions about the worth and credibility of mediumship. In the study Medium7 (Smith-Moncrieffe, 2012), I found at least eight factors that contribute to accuracy, clarity and flow of spirit communication. You will learn in this video that factors related to discarnates, master entities, and the client are equally important as mediumistic ability.

I do hope that once these factors are understood, this will help researchers better formulate their research protocol. Psychic mediums will be able to help their clients understand both the limitations and possibilities of spirit communication prior to a reading. Most important, clients will also adjust their cognitive thought processes and feelings that will enable the appropriate vibrational frequency during spirit communication.

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